The online store,, operating at    is conducted by an entrepreneur carrying out economic activity in Poland under the following name: straschu Elektro-Dystrybucja Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością [straschu Elektro-Dystrybucja Limited Liability Company], with registered office in (80-557) Gdansk, at Załogowa 17 Street, KRS: 0000216032, NIP: 9570890455, REGON: 193079687, Tel. +48 58 524 52 52, business hours: 8:00-16:00, e-mail address: The address of the Register of Entrepreneurs of the Polish National Court Register:


Store - the online store,, operating at, conducted by the Seller, selling products available in the Store’s offer via the Internet.

Customer - a natural person, legal person, or an organisational unit without legal personality, conducting business or professional activity, making a purchase at the Store. The Store provides sales only to entrepreneurs or persons conducting professional activities within the meaning of Article 221 of the Act of 23rd April 1964 of the Civil Code.

Working days - all days of the week from Monday to Friday, with the exclusion of public holidays.

Customer Account - the database containing the Customer’s details specified in the Business Activity Central Register and Information Record or in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, as well as other contact details, including telephone number or address, provided by the Customer, necessary for completing the placed Orders.

Consumer - a natural person taking a legal action not directly related to their business or professional activity. The Seller does not provide sale to the Consumers.

Seller - straschu Elektro-Dystrybucja Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Personal Data Administrator - Seller - straschu Elektro-Dystrybucja Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with registered office in (80-557) Gdansk, at Załogowa 17 Street, KRS: 0000216032, NIP: 9570890455, REGON: 193079687.

Order - a declaration of the Customer's intent, directly intending to conclude a sale agreement of products available at the Store, specifying the type and number of products.

Address of the Store (place of sale) - Załogowa 17 Street, Gdansk. Gdańsk. 

Courier Companies - DPD Polska Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with registered office in (02-274) Warsaw, at Mineralna 15 Street, KRS 0000028368, REGON 012026421, NIP 5260204110 and 

TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE (POLAND) Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with registered office in (03-236) Warsaw, at Annopol 19 Street, KRS: 0000357766, NIP: 6342750606, REGON: 241612498.

Area of Service - the Store completes Orders of Customers residing or having registered office within the area of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and the United States of America (USA).


§1 The object of the transaction

  1. The objects of the transaction are the products provided at the website:     
  2. All the products available in the Store are brand new, free from any physical or legal defects, have been legally introduced to the Polish market, have the required approvals, certificates of conformity, certificates and instruction manuals. 
  3. All the prices shown at the Store websites are in PLN. Additionally, the Store may show prices in the following currencies: euro, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone, United States dollar and pound sterling. When placing an Order, the Customer chooses the currency in which they will make the payment. If the Customer uses other means or tools of payment settled in other currencies by a bank or a financial institution, the Store will charge a selling price in the currency specified by the Customer, which may, however, result in charging the Customer with a bank or financial institution charge.
  4. The price displayed by the product at the time of purchase by the Customer is the binding price for the parties of the transaction, subject to Clause 3.  
  5. The information provided on the website is not understood as an offer, but as an invitation to conclude an agreement.
  6. The prices shown in the Store are net prices, the value added tax (VAT) must be added to the price at the rate applicable for a given product, specified in the provisions of law. The Seller shall inform the Customer about the VAT tax rates. 
  7. KThe Customer is obliged to pay the selling price increased by the value added tax and the delivery costs specified in the price list or settled individually. 


§2 The acceptance of Orders

  1. 1.The Store sells the goods via the Internet. The information on the goods are provided by the Store on the website:   
  2. The Orders for the goods available at the Store may be placed by filling out proper forms available on the website. 
  3. By placing an Order, the Customer concludes a sale agreement of the ordered goods with the Seller.
  4. When placing an Order, the Customer: 
    1. chooses the goods to be ordered,
    2. chooses the delivery method and delivery address as well as the address for the invoice (the two addresses may be different),
    3. chooses the payment method.

5. After placing an Order, the Customer receives an e-mail which is a confirmation that the Order was placed at the Store. It includes the final object of the Order, confirming all the important elements of the Order.

6. The e-mail may be preceded by an attempt of confirming the Order by telephone. The Store has the right to refuse to accept an Order, to limit the payment method or to demand a prepayment, if the Order raises reasonable doubts regarding the accuracy and veracity of the given details or the payment method. The Store shall immediately inform the Customer on the circumstances of the refusal or the above mentioned limitations.

7. Should some of the goods specified in the Order be unavailable, the Customer is informed about the situation and makes the decisions regarding further procedure, particularly specifying whether to partially complete the Order, or to cancel the entire Order.

8. Only a limited number of goods is subject to promotional sales and bargain sales. The Orders are completed in the order of receiving a confirmed Order for these goods, until the stocks subject to this form of sale run out.

9. A VAT invoice is issued to each Order. The invoice is sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer when placing an Order. The invoices and other documents are issued in compliance with the provisions of law applicable in the area of the Republic of Poland. By placing an Order, the Customer agrees to receiving the VAT invoice in an electronic form. 

10. The provisions of Polish law shall apply to the sale agreement concluded by and between the Seller and the Customer.

11. The provisions of Article 661 § 1 and § 2 of the Act of 23rd April 1964 of the Civil Code and other provisions of the Civil Code regarding the conclusion of agreements via e-mail or similar means of individual distance communication shall not apply to the relationship between the Customer and the Seller.


§3 Important elements of the Order

1. The confirmation of the important elements of the Order, mentioned in § 2 Par. 5, includes the following information on:

1) the main features of the service, including its subject and the method of communication with the Customer

2) the Seller

3) athe Seller's address, e-mail address and telephone numbers,

4) total price including taxes, as well as charges for transport, delivery, postal services and other costs

5) the method and date of payment.y.

2. Pursuant to this Regulations, the Seller is subject to a disclaimer of warranty against the Customer.


§4 Order processing time and terms of delivery

1. The Order processing takes from 3 to 5 working days for deliveries in the area of Poland, and from 5 to 10 working days for deliveries outside Poland. The Order processing time is counted from the day following the day of receiving full payment for the Order by the Seller to the day of handing over the package to the Courier Company providing the delivery method chosen by the Customer

2. The Orders are delivered by a Courier Company.

3. The delivery cost is added to the Order cost each time.

4. The package is delivered to the address provided in the Order.

5. Once the sold item is handed over to the Courier Company, the benefits and burdens related to the goods and the risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods shall be transferred to the Customer.

6. By placing an Order, the Customer accepts the rules of the Courier Company's activity, described in the Courier Company's regulations. The Seller shall inform the Customer on the delivery cost.


§5 Complaint procedure

1.    All the goods available in the Store come from a legal source and are original in the sense that they come from the manufacturers specified in the goods' descriptions provided at the website:

2.   If the goods are covered by the manufacturer's quality guarantee, the Store informs about the terms of the guarantee in the way enabling the Customer to familiarise with the terms of the guarantee before placing an Order.

3.  The Store does not provide any additional guarantee for the sold products.

4. The Customer may make a complaint regarding the non-conformity of the goods description with the goods specification provided at, or make a complaint regarding the failure to perform the obligations specified in these regulations by the Seller. The complaints may be sent to:

5.  The complaints are processed within 14 working days. After they are acknowledged, the Customer is presented with the Store's decision regarding the matter of the complaint.


§6 Technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the information and communication
system used by the service provider and the information reg. the services

1. The recommended technical requirements necessary for the Customer's cooperation with the information and communication system used by the Seller are as follows:

1) an Internet connection,

2) an Internet browser which allows to display hypertext documents (HTML) on the computer screen,

3) the Adobe Reader software - a free software of Adobe Systems, allowing the user to read electronic publications in PDF (Portable Document Format),

4) an antivirus software.

2. The Customer is forbidden to provide any content of unlawful nature, it is particularly forbidden to provide any data interrupting the work or causing the overload of the Seller's information and communication system, as well as any data causing the infringement of personal rights of any third parties or general social norms, or any data not conforming to the applicable provisions of laws, by or to the Seller's information and communication system.

3. The Seller shall have the right to limit or stop the sale at the Store without prior notification, in the case of exceptional circumstances influencing the safety or stability of the information and communication system. 


§7 Privacy policy and personal data

1. By placing an Order at the Store, the Customer agrees to registering a Customer Account and to registering the data in the Seller's database, as well as to processing this data for the purpose of implementation of the agreement. Providing personal data by the Customer and agreeing to processing of the personal data is necessary for completing the Order by the Store. The Customer is to be held liable for providing false personal data. The Store may verify the Customer's personal data in public registers and modify the details in accordance with the details recorded in these registers in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law regarding documents, including the invoices issued by the Store.

2. Personal data is processed solely for the needs of the Seller and it is not and will not be made available to any other entities. This information is gathered with due diligence and protected from access by any unauthorised persons, in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection of 10th May 2018.
3. The Customer has the right to access their personal data, to correct them, and to request discontinuation of their processing. If the Customer submits a request for data processing discontinuation, registering a new Customer Account is required should the Customer want to place another Order.

4. By placing an Order, the Customer agrees to gathering, processing and using the details provided in the Order by the Store for administrative purposes, necessary for completing the Order, as well as accounting and statistical purposes, in compliance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data.

5. Furthermore, when providing the personal data, the Customer may agree to gathering, processing and using these data for advertisement purposes, for researching the market, behaviour and preferences of the Customers, which will serve to improve the quality of the services provided by the Seller.


§8 Final provisions

1. The sale agreement is concluded by and between the Customer and the Seller.

2. In any matters not settled in this Regulations, the provisions applicable in the Republic of Poland and the European Union shall apply.

3. Any person using the Store acts on their own behalf. If a person acts on behalf of a third party, it means that the person is a proxy under applicable law and the represented person accepts the actions taken on their behalf. The person using the Store shall be held fully liable for actions taken without the power of  attorney or actions exceeding the scope of the power of attorney.

4. It is forbidden to make queries or make purchase using a false name or another person's name without a valid proxy and to make queries or make purchase using names of legal persons or other entities by persons without a proxy to act in the name of these entities.

5. These Regulations are applicable as of 22nd October 2018.

6. The Store reserves the right to change the Regulations. The Orders placed prior to introducing the changes to these Regulations are completed subject to the provisions applicable on the day of placing the Order.